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At a glance

  1. Transport

    A quick look at how people in Scotland use transport and how far they travel.

  2. Housing

    Information about housing in Scotland, including household numbers, types of housing, and household sizes.

  3. Religion

    A breakdown of census information about religion in Scotland.

  4. Ethnicity

    A quick look at what the census tells us about the ethnicities and ethnic groups in Scotland.

  5. Population

    Scotland's population, including age groups, men and women, and marital status.

  6. Country of birth

    Information about where Scotland's people were born.

  7. Languages

    An overview of the different languages used in Scotland.

  8. National identity

    Information about the countries people in Scotland felt an affiliation to.

  9. Labour market

    Employment rates, industries, and economic activity in Scotland.

  10. Health

    Census information about health, disability, and unpaid care in Scotland.

  11. Education

    Census information about qualification levels in Scotland, including by area, ethnic group, and date of arrival.