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The 2011 census asked everyone in Scotland about:

  • general health
  • health conditions
  • their health's impact on their life
  • their care responsibilities

Good health

82.2% of people said their health was good or very good.

85.7% of people living in Aberdeen said they had good or very good health, the highest proportion in Scotland. Glasgow City had the lowest proportion of good or very good health, with 77.5%.

There was little difference in good health between males and females. Males aged 25 to 49 and 75 and older reported better health on average than females.

5.6% of people said their general health was bad or very bad.

People living in social rented properties were more likely to report bad health than those who owned their property or lived in a private rented property.

Limited activity

19.6% of people said their day-to-day activities were limited by a long-term health problem or disability.

Two of the most common health problems and disabilities were:

  • Deafness or partial hearing loss
  • Physical disability

Each of these affected about 7% of Scotland’s population.

People with long-term health conditions were more likely to live in social rented housing than people with no condition.

52.7% of people with learning disabilities and 49.6% of people with mental health conditions lived in social rented housing.

Unpaid care

9.3% of people provided unpaid care to family members or friends.

44.5% of these 500,000 people provided more than 20 hours of care a week.

40,000 people provided 35 or more hours of care a week. Of these:

  • 34.4% were retired
  • 30.6% were employees
  • 16.1% looked after their home or family

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