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The census in 2011 asked about households as well as people. A household can be:

  • a person who lives alone
  • a group of people who live at the same address

Highest ever household number

There were 2,372,777 households in Scotland in 2011.

That’s an increase of 8.2%, or 180,531 households, from 2001.

36.4% of Scottish households lived in flats.

22.8% lived in semi-detached houses, 21.9% lived in detached houses, and 18.6% lived in terraced houses.

101,000 household spaces in Scotland were unoccupied. 36% of these were second or holiday homes.

£ 46,000

Average house price

35 %

Proportion of the population who own the house they live in

Living alone

Single-person households were the most common in Scotland.

People living alone made up about 35% of all households. For the first time, single-person households were the most common household type.

Two-person households were the second-most common household type, at 34%.

95% of households had four or fewer people.

11% of households were lone parent households: households where a single parent lived with one or more children.

Renting and ownership

About 62% of households owned the property they lived in.

This includes properties owned outright and properties owned with a mortgage.

This figure did not change much between 2001 and 2011.

Of all households in Scotland:

  • 24% rented from a council or housing association
  • 14% rented from private landlords

Communal housing

92,000 people lived in communal establishments.

These include hospitals, care homes and children's homes. There were 5,400 communal establishments in Scotland.

Cars and vans

69% of households had at least one car or van available.

That’s an increase from 66% in 2001.

Aberdeenshire had the greatest proportion of households with access to cars or vans, at 86%. Glasgow City households were least likely to have a car or van available, at 45%.

86% of households who owned their property had a car or van available.

57% of households in privately rented accommodation and 37% of households in publicly rented accommodation had car or vans available to them.

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