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Census data from 2011 told us how people got to work, and what distance they travelled.

How people get to work

62.4% of employed people travelled to work by car.

This includes car pool and taxi passengers.

Of the rest of Scotland’s employed population:

  • 10.0% travelled by bus
  • 9.9% travelled on foot
  • 3.7% took a train
  • 3.2% used another method of travel, including cycling and light rail

The remaining 10.8% of Scottish workers mainly worked from home.

Scotland’s cities and their surrounding areas had the highest proportions of bus users.

25.6% of City of Edinburgh workers took the bus to work: the highest proportion in Scotland. 17.9% of Glasgow City workers used the bus.

16.3% of City of Edinburgh workers and 14.5% of workers in Argyll and Bute travelled to work on foot.

Distance travelled

38.6% of commutes were shorter than 5km.

Of the 2.1 million people who mainly worked away from home, 651,000 travelled less than 5km.

41.3% of people travelled between 5km and 30km to work, while 7.8% travelled 30km or more.

Cars and vans

86.8% of households had a car or van available to them.

Find out more about car and van availability by household.

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