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About the census

Find out about why we run the census, its history, and how it is planned and delivered.

  1. What is the census?

    What the census is, who runs it, and why it takes place.

  2. Your privacy

    How we keep the information you provide in your census return private and confidential.

  3. Planning the 2022 census

    Background, design and methodology for planning the next census in 2022.

  4. History of Scotland's Census

    Chart the history of the census in Scotland from the first official population count in 1801.

  5. UK census data

    How we work closely with the other UK census authorities to harmonise our approach.

  6. 2011 census

    Research, methodologies, and geographies for the 2011 census.

  7. 2001 census

    Background, research, methodologies, and geographies for the 2001 census.

  8. Revisions and corrections

    Revisions and corrections to published census data.

  9. Metadata A to Z

    Get metadata, definitions, and classifications for all census variables from 2001 and 2011.