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2011 census

Research, methodologies, and geographies for the 2011 census.

  1. 2011 census: Confidentiality

    Rules and laws protected the confidentiality of 2011 census returns.

  2. 2011 census: Quality assurance

    How we ensured census results were consistent and of a high standard of quality.

  3. 2011 census: Planning

    Research, planning and design work we undertook ahead of the 2011 census.

  4. 2011 census: Methodology

    Details of the range of statistical methodologies we used to ensure the 2011 census results were consistent and complete.

  5. 2011 census: Geographies

    Results from Scotland's Census 2011 are available for a range of geographies.

  6. 2011 census: Statistical bulletins

    The statistical bulletins that accompanied every release of 2011 census data.