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2022 outputs

When we publish outputs from the 2022 census, we want to help users:

  • access as much census information as legally possible
  • use the latest technology to access and analyse data

For the 2022 census, we will:

  • publish rounded population estimates by age and sex down to Local Authority level in the second half of 2023.
  • provide improved functionality to help users create their own data tables

In preparation for publishing outputs we developed a new website which is accessible and user friendly.

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Our outputs strategy sets out our plans for outputs in more detail.

We will use statistical disclosure control to protect the confidentiality of census information. 

Plans for census outputs

We will use the Scotland’s Census website as the main platform for the publication of census outputs.

Flexible table builder

An innovation for Scotland’s Census 2022 will be the availability of a flexible table builder tool. This will allow users to create their own tables from census data.

This will reduce the need for us to create standard tables - we produced more than 400 for 2011 data.

Standard and commissioned tables

We will continue to create standard tables for most census variables by age and sex.

As in 2011, we will also have a commissioned table service. Users will be able to request a table that is not available in the flexible table builder.

Specialist products

We will also create specialist output products such as census microdata and origin-destination data tables.

Plans for these products are at an early stage. We expect they will be similar to the 2011 microdata and 2011 origin-destination outputs.

All outputs from Scotland’s Census 2022 will include:

  • accompanying metadata information
  • variable classifications to provide context on the output variables and geographies

Scotland's Census 2022 Outputs Consultation

The census outputs consultation launched in October 2022 and closed February 2022. As part of the consultation, we published our plans for publishing census data alongside this we published a spreadsheet containing information on the variables and tables we plan to publish.  

We reviewed all feedback received through the consultation to determine if any changes are required to our plans. Where necessary we prioritised responses by considering how we maximise the value and public benefit gained from census outputs.

You can read more detail on our response to on the outputs consultation page.

Quality assurance of outputs

We are developing robust methodology for each step of the census data journey. This is a key part of ensuring quality in our work.

Find out more about our plans for statistical quality assurance of census data.

UK harmonisation

We are working to design the next Scottish census in a way that is consistent with the other UK censuses.

Find out more about our work to harmonise censuses across the UK.

Working with users

We have asked users what they need and want to help them access outputs. We have also looked at what went well when we published 2011 data.

You can access copies of presentations and materials from stakeholder events we have held.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Stakeholder events

We have updated data users on plans for census outputs dissemination at a number of public events:

June 2017

At this event we outlined our statistical disclosure control strategy and plans for census outputs.

See the slides from the event.

February and March 2018

At these events we discussed our Scotland's Census outputs strategy. We also took feedback from data users on our plans for publishing outputs.

See the slides from these events.

November and December 2018

At these events we presented out initial plans for outputs from new census questions. We also took feedback from users about their requirements for outputs from new questions.

See the slides from these events.

June 2019

At these events we:

  • discussed plans for census output geographies
  • outlined our initial plans for specialist census outputs, such as microdata and origin-destination data
  • took feedback from users about the Scotland's Census website

See the slides from these events.

February 2020

At these events we outlined our plans for publishing census outputs.

See the slides from the events.