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Census outputs consultation

Census outputs consultation

We published our plans for Scotland’s Census 2022 outputs. This included detail on the data we will publish and the tools we will use. These plans were built on previous stakeholder engagement held by NRS. We asked users to provide feedback on these plans, to help us to align them with users’ needs. 

Feedback received through the consultation 

We received 146 responses to the consultation from a range of organisations and individuals.  

The overall response to the consultation was positive and users were happy with our plans for publishing outputs. However, some of the feedback did highlight changes we could make or investigate further.  

NRS response to feedback

We reviewed all feedback received through the consultation to determine if any changes are required to our plans. Where necessary we prioritised responses by considering how we maximise the value and public benefit gained from census outputs.

Changes we will make based on user feedback received include:

  • We aim to publish additional pre-defined tables where we identify strong user need to do so. We will review requests for additional tables. Where appropriate and feasible, we will add these to our plans for pre-defined tables.
  • We aim to publish two versions of some multivariate tables where we identify a user need for this, and it is in line with our statistical disclosure control policy.
  • We will investigate further if it is possible to publish origin destination data at more disaggregated levels.
  • We will add an additional analytical report to our list covering the health topic. We will continue to work with stakeholders to determine the content of each report and whether any additional topic reports are required.
  • Following feedback from users we will produce three new derived variables:
    • Adult student indicator
    • Not in employment, education or training indicator
    • Key or critical worker indicator


You can read more detail on the response to the consultation in the Scotland’s Census 2022 - Outputs consultation report.

Plans that were shared as part of the consultation are presented in the consultation document and spreadsheet. These documents reflect the plans proposed at the time of the consultation. The most up to date versions are available on the census outputs schedule page.

Next steps

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on our plans for producing outputs from Scotland’s Census 2022. The feedback provided will help to ensure that outputs meet the user needs identified.

Where we have indicated that we will investigate further we will provide updates to users before outputs are published.

First outputs will be published in autumn 2023. We will publish an update in June on the methods that have been developed to ensure census outputs are high quality. This will be followed by further stakeholder engagement including a webinar for data users later in June.

To keep users informed we will publish updates on our census outputs schedule page. This will include any changes to plans shared as part of this consultation.