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Census Coverage Survey 2022

The Census Coverage Survey is a separate survey that we will run six weeks after the census.

Why we need the Census Coverage Survey

We want the census to be as complete as possible. But we know there may  be some addresses and households we will miss.

The Census Coverage Survey helps us to find out how many people we have missed from the census. We can then fill these gaps and produce more accurate population estimates.

How it works

After the census, we will select a sample of postcodes from across Scotland to take part in the survey. This will take into account completion rates for the census and will cover about 1.5% of the population.

We will visit nearly all addresses in the selected postcode areas in person to complete the survey. The survey will take around 10 minutes and will take place on the doorstep.

The questions we ask are similar to those from the census questionnaire but there are fewer of them.

If one of our team calls at your address and you are not there, they will leave an information card. They will then try again a few days later at various times to try and speak to you.

Using your information

We compare the information we collect in the survey with records from the census. This helps us produce the most accurate population estimates.

Your personal information will be kept secure and confidential and is protected by law.