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Administrative data

We plan to use administrative data for quality assurance of the 2022 census.

Administrative data is data held by local and national government or other public bodies. They use it to support their own day-to-day activities.

We have already used administrative data as part of the census rehearsal in 2019.

Read more about how we will use administrative data in our data impact protection assessments:

We will publish more information about how we used administrative data in the rehearsal as part of our external methodology assurance panels.

Administrative data based population and household estimates project

One goal of the census programme is to make recommendations for future censuses.

We've started a project to explore the future use of administrative data collected by public bodies and services. The purpose of project is to see how we can augment or replace data collected by the census in the future.

The project will create population and household estimates using administrative data.

We published the first report from this project on 17 November 2020:

Administrative Data Based Population Estimates, Scotland

Stakeholder consultation

It's important that users tell us what they think about using administrative data in this way.

We’ve consulted stakeholders, first as part of the Beyond 2011 programme and again in 2017. We will continue to talk to our stakeholders throughout 2021.

If you would like to contribute to this project, email: [email protected]

Administrative data used during census data processing

Some administrative data will be used during census data processing, for example to Remove False Persons and Resolve Multiple Records.

Information about the quality of these datasets is available here. Most datasets featured in this document will only be used to validate census population estimates after processing.