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Scotland's Census 2022 - what happens next?

What happens next?

Scotland’s Census consists of many elements.

Almost 90% of households made a census return, with 90% of those completing their return online.

A Census Coverage Survey was used to help understand more about the households who did not respond.

We recently published a paper on how we are bringing together data from Scotland’s Census Collect 2022, the Census Coverage Survey 2022 and administrative data to secure high quality Census outputs and population estimates.

We have also published a paper which sets out why we use administrative data within Scotland's Census 2022 and how we will do this.

Census outputs

We plan to start publishing census information from 2023 onwards.

You will be able to access 2022 census data on this website in different formats, including:

  • summary information that highlights some key stats about Scotland’s population and how this differs around the country
  • through our flexible table builder that will allow you to create your own census tables
  • bulk downloads of census data

Before then, we will be checking and processing census returns to make sure the information we publish is accurate.

We will also remove all personal information before we start to publish.

Find out more about the steps we go through before publishing census information.

You can also search and view information from the 2011 census.


Census collect

Our census collection operations are now closed. 

Thank you to all the households who completed the census and have helped shape Scotland’s future.

See response rates and other facts and figures from the census.

Census Coverage Survey

The Census Coverage Survey ran between 13 June and 22 August.

This was a separate survey from the census and covered a much smaller number of Scottish households.

Keeping your information secure and confidential

Your census information cannot be:

  • used to change any service you use or receive, for example benefits
  • seen by anyone who makes decisions about you, for example the Department for Work and Pensions or Social Security Scotland

Your census return will be kept secure and will be confidential for 100 years.

It is against the law for anybody who works on or with the census to make public any personal details from the census during the 100-year period.

Find out more about how we protect your privacy

Read more about an independent audit that has reviewed our security and privacy standards.

Make sure you do not get caught out by a census scam.