Statistical Methodology Rehearsal 2020

We used the data collected during Scotland’s Census Rehearsal 2019 to test some of our statistical methodologies for Scotland’s Census 2022.

This included:

  • Data Cleansing
  • Edit and Imputation
  • Estimation and Adjustment
  • Administrative Data
  • Household Record Swapping

We have published two evaluation reports from this testing.

Statistical methods and data processing rehearsal

This report summarises the key findings of the statistical methods and data processing rehearsal. It also outlines how we will make sure timely and reliable data processing will contribute to the successful delivery of Scotland’s Census 2022.

You can download and read the report. (PDF 189KB)

We used some information from the administrative dataset (NHS Central Registrar) to support some of the methodologies for the rehearsal. These documents explain the context of their use:

Data Protection Impact Assessment for use of NHSCR dataset (PDF 530KB)

Quality Assurance report for use of NHSCR dataset for 2019 (PDF 189KB)

Household record swapping

This report summarises the key findings of the household record swapping rehearsal. Household Record Swapping is a Statistical Disclosure Control process. The report outlines how we will ensure that outputs published for Scotland’s Census 2022 are reliable.

You can download and read the report (PDF 425KB).