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Data Warehouse

What is the Data Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse provides options for downloading large volumes of Scotland’s Census 2011 data.  To find out what Standard Output, Additional tables and Commissioned outputs   are available for download please use the Scotland's Census Tables Index (Excel, 367KB) to find out what 'standard', 'additional' and 'commissioned' tables have been published. Please note this search tool is currently not compatible with Mac OS X, an index only version is available  here (Excel, 1170KB)

Two options are provided for downloading the Standard Output tables:

  • the "Standard data files" effectively replicate the format of the tables as provided through the Standard Outputs section of the website and offers the tables in CSV format with textual descriptions of each geography (e.g Aberdeen City)
  • the "Bulk data files" option provides tables in csv format with geographic areas identified by a unique 'S number' (e.g S12000033 which relates to Aberdeen City).  For tables containing cross tabulations an additional file is provided with the data is provided in one row per geography to aid with its use as requested by users of bulk data.

NB: The 2011 Census Index (takes you to the NRS website) provides a lookup for users to access and cross-match textual descriptions of each geography against the unique S numbers.  For more information, please contact us at

If a table you want isn't available you can submit a request; visit the Commissioned Outputs page for more information.

For all information on amendments that have been made to the downloadable data, please visit the Revisions and Corrections page.

If you want to obtain 2001 Census data in bulk, please contact

All statistics are available under the Open Government Licence.