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Commissioned tables

If you need 2011 census data that is not covered in published tables, please get in touch using our contact form with details of what you need.

Check our index of tables to see if we already have the table you need. If we do, we can send it to you free-of-charge.

If the table does not already exist, we can create tables that include variables and data you need so long as:

  • the data is available
  • we can release it under our statistical disclosure policy

If you commission a table, we will release it under the Open Government Licence. This means that we will make it available to other users if they request the same data.

We may apply a charge for this service, depending on what you need and how long it would take us. We may also charge if you need the tables delivered to you on a CD or DVD.

Commissioned tables will be subject to the terms and conditions of use of all Scotland’s Census statistics.