Housing and Accommodation

A variety of statistical tables are available on this topic and these can be accessed via the Census Data Explorer.

Information on Housing and Accommodation is derived from questions relating to accommodation type (H6), self-contained (H7), number of rooms (H8), central heating (H9), tenure (H10-H11) and number of cars or vans (H12) on the 2011 Census questionnaire (PDF 600KB).

Some interesting points about Housing and Accommodation in Scotland from the 2011 Census are provided below:


The number of households in Scotland with at least one usual resident was estimated to be 2,372,777; the highest ever, and had increased by 8% (181,000) from 2001.

Just over a fifth (22%) of households lived in detached houses, 23 % in semi-detached houses, 19% in terraced houses and 36% in flats

There were 101,000 unoccupied household spaces in Scotland, 36% (37,000) were classed as second or holiday homes

Occupancy Rating

9% (214,000) of households in Scotland were over-occupied and 66% (1.6 million) were under-occupied based on the notional number of rooms required for the people who lived there.

Households comprising a family with dependent children, the proportion which were overcrowded was 23% (33,000) for households in social rented accommodation, and 17% (13,000) for households in private rented accommodation.

Household Composition

One-person households overtook two-person households as the most common household type and accounted for 35% of all households.

The proportion of households comprising one person living alone varied from 16% where the ethnic group of the household reference person (HRP) was ‘White: Polish’, to 54% where it was ‘Black, Black Scottish or Black British’.

Overall, 11% of households in Scotland were ‘lone parent households’. This proportion ranged from 4% where the ethnic group of the HRP was ‘Indian, Indian Scottish or Indian British’, to 15% where it was ‘African, African Scottish or African British’


Since 2001, the proportion of households who own their accommodation has stayed fairly constant at around 62 per cent, though more now own their property outright.

24% of households were renting their accommodation from a council or housing association, this had decreased by five percentage points since 2001.

14 % of households rented their accommodation from the private sector (including those living rent free), this had increased by six percentage points since 2001.

Cars and vans

Sixty-nine per cent of households in Scotland had at least one car or van available for use in 2011 compared with 66 per cent in 2001. Aberdeenshire had the highest (86 per cent) proportion of households with at least one car or van available whilst Glasgow City had the lowest (49 per cent).

The proportion of households with at least one car or van available was higher for those who owned their property (85%) than for those in social rented accommodation (37%) or in private rented accommodation (57%).