Census Order

Throughout 2019 and early 2020, NRS officials provided evidence to the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee of the Scottish Parliament to support their consideration of the draft Census Order.

Following the agreement of the draft Census Order by the Scottish Parliament, the Census Order came into force on 12 March 2020. NRS welcome the agreement by Parliament and are committed to delivering a set of questions and associated guidance which enables all of Scotland to access, understand and complete the census.

The following Impact Assessments accompanied the Census Order.

NRS conducted a period of stakeholder engagement to gather views and feedback and where appropriate, Impact Assessments were updated to reflect that feedback. The Impact Assessments Stakeholder Survey Report provides more information.

The assessment of impacts is an ongoing process and will continue up to Census day and beyond. Updated versions of these impact assessments have been published to align with the laying of the Census Regulations and then with the laying of the Census (Scotland) Amendment Order.