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Designing the questionnaire

We put a lot of care into designing both the online and paper census questionnaires.

We expect most people to complete the census online in 2022. We will also provide a paper questionnaire to households who cannot or do not wish to complete the online questionnaire.

The paper and online questionnaires both capture the same information, but were designed separately. This way, we were able to make use of the advantages of the online census.

We designed the online questionnaire to be as easy to use as possible. It’s backed by research, testing, and best practice. Designing the questionnaire like this will boost data quality and help us maximise completion of the census.

People will be able to complete the online questionnaire on a range of devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets.

Other features of the online questionnaire include:

  • relevant on-screen help to help complete questions
  • use of detailed drop-down boxes to reduce the amount of typing or coding required
  • more validation within and between questions
  • redesign of questions to be device neutral

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