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Promoting Scotland's Census 2022

We need to make sure every community in Scotland is aware of the census and understands how to take part.

This is a key part of maximising the response rate for the census to help make it as complete as possible.


To inform our work to promote the census, we have run 2 audience research projects.

The first told us what people already know and understand about the census. It also asked what would encourage people to complete the census.

The second focussed on how the COVID-19 pandemic had changed people's views of the census.

Marketing campaign

We will launch a marketing and publicity campaign that will inform people about:

  • the census and when we are running it
  • how they can take part
  • the benefits of the census to Scotland's future public services

The campaign will involve advertising on TV, radio and online across Scotland. We plan to start the campaign in early 2022.

We may also focus marketing in parts of Scotland where we there may be lower response rates.

We will work with colleagues in the Scottish Government and an external marketing agency to design and deliver the campaign.

Social media

We are making use of our social media channels to share news about Scotland's Census 2022 and promote our events.

Our social media channels have also helped us respond directly to people who have questions or concerns about the census. This has already proved effective during the 2019 census rehearsal.

Scotland's Census 2022 Facebook page 

Scotland's Census 2022 Twitter page 

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging with stakeholders is a key part of raising the profile of the census and maximising response. Our stakeholders may represent:

  • people who use census data
  • organisations or groups we have worked with to develop census questions
  • communities or organisations who represent groups who historically have lower awareness or engagement with the census

You can view details of past and future stakeholder events on our events page.

Co-ordination with other UK censuses

We are working with the other UK censuses to share knowledge and provide support.

The census in Scotland will be on 20 March 2022, a year later than the rest of the UK. It was moved to 2022 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means we need to be very clear with our communications about the difference in census dates across the UK.

Through both the UK and Scottish census periods, we will co-ordinate our communications with the other UK censuses to minimise confusion among the public.