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Field work and planning areas

As part of our field operations for the 2022 census, we will divide Scotland into approximately:

  • 170 field work areas
  • 8,900 planning areas

We will use these areas to help plan and operate field work. We will also use planning areas for census data processing.

Field staff

We will assign a team of enumerators to each field work area to follow up non-responding households.

They will visit addresses that have not completed a census questionnaire to offer support and assistance.

The number of enumerators assigned to each area depends on our estimates of:

  • how many households are likely to respond without being reminded
  • the success rate of reminders and follow up visits
  • the average time of a follow-up visit

We plan to recruit over 3,000 field staff, split into 4 groups. These will include:

  • regional managers
  • area managers
  • team leaders
  • enumerators