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Changes for 2022

We made some significant changes for the 2022 census.

Our development of the census drew on extensive testing, research and analysis.

Read our plans for the 2022 census.

Find out more about our background research after the 2011 census.

Census delivery and follow-up

As expected, most people completed their census online.

For the first time, we did not send paper questionnaires to all households.

Instead, we wrote to all households and communal establishments at the start of the census with a code they were able to use to complete the census online.

However, anyone who did not want to or was unable to complete online could still request a paper questionnaire.

After Census Day (20 March 2022), we sent several rounds of reminder letters to households that had not yet completed the questionnaire.

Later on, we sent paper questionnaires to households in certain areas who had not completed the census, to encourage them to take part.

Easy access to results

We've overhauled how we will present census results.

Our new search tool makes it easy to find the data you need. And we're developing a flexible table builder that will let you create your own data tables.

New questions

For the first time, the 2022 census asked about:

  • trans status
  • sexual orientation
  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • passports held
  • previous armed forces service

Read more about how we developed census questions.