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2011 census: Consultations

Planning for the 2011 census included several formal consultations.

These consultations involved written documents that invited either answers to specific questions or general views.

Autumn 2004 Census Consultation

The Autumn 2004 consultation asked census data users about their views on the 2001 census, and our early plans for 2011.

It included seminars in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

The Autumn 2004 Census Consultation document covers the purpose and content of these seminars.

Report on Autumn 2004 Census Consultation contains the consultation’s findings.

Spring 2007 Census Consultation

The Spring 2007 consultation ran for 12 weeks, collecting views on questionnaire content, methodology and outputs.

It involved meetings with census data users in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

Find out more about this consultation in the Spring 2007 Census Consultation document.

Read our Analysis of the Responses to the Spring 2007 Census Consultation.

Spring 2010 Census Consultation

This 12-week consultation focused on outputs of the 2011 census. Data users were also asked to comment on a range of related census issues.

It involved roadshow events in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.

The Spring 2010 Consultation Statistical Outputs document covers the background information and detail of the consultation.

Find a summary of the feedback in Spring 2010 Consultation Analysis of Responses.

February 2011 Census Outputs Consultation

This consultation was another opportunity for data users to shape the main statistical outputs for the 2011 census.

The February 2011 Census Outputs Consultation document covers the background and detail of this consultation.

Read a summary of feedback in February 2011 Census Outputs Consultation Analysis of Responses.