Mnemonic (reference code): RELPS11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: This is a person’s current religious denomination or body that they belong to, or if the person does not have a religion, ‘None’. No determination is made about whether a person was a practising member of a religion. Unlike other census questions where missing answers are imputed, this question was voluntary, and where no answer was provided the response is categorised as ‘not stated’.

Applicability: Person

Classification: See Religion Classification for a detailed classification list.

Code Name
01 None
02 Church of Scotland
03 Roman catholic
04 Other Christian
05 Buddhist
06 Hindu
07 Jewish
08 Muslim
09 Sikh
10 Other religion or body
11 Not stated
XX No code required

Total number of categories: 12

Not applicable category (XX) comprises: Schoolchildren and full-time students living away from home during term time.

Each response option will have a corresponding index entry number on the Religion Index. For ticks only, these index numbers were output to Religion1.

Text responses were matched to the Religion Index and the specified index entry number was output to Religion2. If the text was misspelt or written slightly different to that of the index, coding specifications were used to attempt to identify the relevant index entry number to output to Religion2.

Religion is the “overall” output and will be the same as either Religion1 or Religion2.

For text that is an uncodeable output, a code of VVV is given to Religion2.

Source variables: RELPS11 is derived from:

Religion (Standard variable)

Scotland 2001 comparison:

In the statistical bulletin for release 2A, the data for 2001 for the ‘Other religion’ and ‘No religion’ categories were amended to match the 2011 coding, as some responses which were coded as ‘Other religion’ in 2001 were coded as ‘No religion’ in 2011.  The recoded 2001 data are available in Table 7 from the release 2A section of the downloadable files page.


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