Population Bases

**This information has been copied across from the SCROL website and some of it may be out-of-date. This will be updated in due course**

Population Base

The 2001 Census has been conducted on a resident basis. This means the statistics relate to where people usually live, as opposed to where they are on Census night. In 2001 students and schoolchildren studying away from the family home are counted as resident at their term-time address. In 1991 and 1981 students were counted as resident at their vacation address. As in 1981 and 1991, residents absent from home on Census night were required to be included on the Census form at their usual/resident address. In 2001, unlike 1991 and 1981, wholly absent households were legally required to complete a Census form on their return.

Students and Schoolchildren

Students and schoolchildren in full-time education studying away from the family home are enumerated as resident at their term-time address. Basic demographic information only (name, sex, age, marital status and relationship) is collected at their 'home' or vacation address. This information will not allow the derivation of a separate Population Base with students at vacation address. Apart from one or two tables where these students and schoolchildren are specifically identified, for all main output they will not be counted at their vacation address. The information on families, household size and Household Composition for their vacation address will not include them. They are not included in the 'all person' count for their vacation address. The person variables, apart from age, sex, marital status and relationship, will be coded 'not applicable'. In the 1991 Census, students and schoolchildren were treated at their vacation address.