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Year of arrival in the UK

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    Derived variable


The year of arrival in the UK is derived from the date that a person last arrived to live in the UK. Short visits away from the UK are not counted in determining the date that a person last arrived.


Total number of categories 13

Code Name
0 Born in the UK
1 Arrived before 1941
2 Arrived 1941-1950
3 Arrived 1951-1960
4 Arrived 1961-1970
5 Arrived 1971-1980
6 Arrived 1981-1990
7 Arrived 1991-2000
8 Arrived 2001-2003
9 Arrived 2004-2006
10 Arrived 2007-2009
11 Arrived 2010-2011
XX No code required - comprises people who were born in the UK and schoolchildren and full-time students living away during term time.

Source question or variables

YRARRPUK11 (Primary variable)

YRARR (Primary variable)