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Students living away from home during term time (aged 4 and over)

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    Derived variable


Schoolchildren and students in full-time education studying away from their family home are treated as usually resident at their term-time address. Basic demographic information only (name, sex, age, marital status and relationship) is collected at their non term-time address (their ‘home’ or ‘vacation’ address). The information on families, household size and household composition for their non term-time address does not include them.


Total number of categories 3

Code Name
0 Student does not live away from home during term-time: Aged 4 and over
1 Student lives away from home during term-time: Aged 4 and over
X No code required - comprises people who are not full-time schoolchildren or students.

Source question or variables

TERMIND (Standard variable)

STUDENT (Standard variable)