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Relationship within household

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    All people in households, UK


This variable is based on the relationship question which asks the first 5 (6 in Northern Ireland) people in the household to provide information on their relationship with all previously numbered members in the household. Persons 6 (Person 7 in Northern Ireland) and over are asked to identify their relationships with Persons 1 and the previous two people only.

During processing the responses to the question are held in a compound field that gives the relationship of that person to all other people in the household. Reciprocal relationships (ie. those that are implied by a given relationship) are also held in this field. For example, person 2 is not asked to provide a relationship to person 3, but the relationship can be determined from the relationship to person 2 provided by person 3. The information is used to derive the family variables but is not directly used in standard output.


Total number of categories 12

Not applicable category (X) comprises: All relationships that are not asked for, for example relationship of person 8 to person 3.

Code Name
1 Husband or wife
2 Partner
3 Son or daughter
4 Step-child
5 Brother or sister
6 Mother or father
7 Step-mother or step-father
8 Grandchild
9 Grandparent
A Other related
B Unrelated
X Not applicable