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Passports Held

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    Derived Variable


Groups the individual based on regions where they hold a passport.

Note: persons are grouped into one category so this variables does NOT incorporate dual citizenship


Total number of categories 11

Code Name
1 UK
2 Ireland
3 Europe - EU
4 Europe - Non-EU
5 Africa
6 Asia
7 North America
8 South America
9 Oceania
10 No Passport
-5 No code required - comprises schoolchildren and full-time students living away from home during term time.

Source question or variables

Question 20 - What passports do you hold?

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Other, please write in
  • None

Reason for asking

Passports held data are used to provide a proxy for citizenship. A question on
passports held is used to capture this elsewhere in the UK.

Central government, local government and migration research bodies expressed a requirement for information about citizenship primarily to inform and monitor the implications of migration policy.

Information about citizenship is also noted as being potentially useful to give
additional insight in race equality-related work and to contribute to work to
understand the movement and integration or intended staying patterns of migrants, to give insight into household dynamics, and for area profiling.

England & Wales and Scotland (2011) Comparisons

The passports held question is being asked for the first time in Scotland's Census 2022 as no such question was asked in Census 2011.

This question is identical to the one asked in England & Wales in 2021.