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Multiple ethnic groups in household

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    Derived variable


'Multiple ethnic groups' classifies households by the diversity in ethnic group of household members in different relationships - for example, different ethnic groups between generations or within partnerships. The ethnic group of each household member is coded according to the 19 categories of the ETHNICID_S heirarchy and then compared to obtain the classification below.


Total number of categories 6

Code Name
1 One person household
2 All household members have the same ethnic group
3 Different identities between the generations only
4 Different identities between generations and within partnerships
5 Any other combination of multiple ethnic identities
X No code required - comprises household spaces with no usual residents.

Source question or variables

ETHNIC19_S (Derived variable)

FAMSER (Derived variable)

FT1 (Derived variable)

GENINFAM (Derived variable)

SIZHUK11 (Derived variable)

TERMIND (Primary variable)

Known Quality Issues

This variable relies on relationship data, which include some known quality issues. These are summarised on the Data Quality Issues Page.