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Long-term health condition: nature of condition

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    Derived variable


This variable indicates whether or not an individual has identified themselves as having a long term health condition which has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months. The conditions presented as response options were deafness or partial hearing loss, blindness or partial sight loss, a learning disability (for example Down’s Syndrome), a learning difficulty (for example dyslexia), a developmental disorder (for example autistic spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome), a physical disability, a mental health condition, a long-term illness, disease or condition and other condition. (Although the categories ‘Long-term illness, disease or condition’ and ‘Other condition’ were presented as separate response options, they were combined into a composite ‘Other condition’ category for the purposes of statistical outputs.)


Total number of categories 3

Code Name
0 Does not have a health condition
1 Has a health condition
X No code required - comprises schoolchildren and full-time students living away from home during term-time.

Source question or variables

LTCOND1 (Primary variable)

TERMIND (Primary variable)