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Length of residence in the UK

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    Derived variable


The length of residence in the UK is derived from the date that a person last arrived to live in the UK. Short visits away from the UK are not counted in determining the date that a person last arrived.

Length of residence is only applicable to usual residents who were not born in the UK. It does not include usual residents born in the UK who have emigrated and since returned – these are recorded in the category ‘Born in the UK’.


Total number of categories 6

Code Name
1 Born in the UK
2 Resident in the UK: Less than 2 years
3 Resident in the UK: 2 years or more but less than 5 years
4 Resident in the UK: 5 years or more but less that 10 years
5 Resident in the UK: 10 years or more
X No code required - comprises schoolchildren and full-time students living away from home during term time.

Source question or variables

YRARRPUK11 (Derived variable)

TERMIND (Standard variable)

YRARR_YEAR (Standard variable)

YRARR_MONTH (Standard variable)