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Ex Service Household indicator

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    Primary Variable


An indicator for whether a household contains anyone who has previously served in the UK Armed Forces


Total number of categories 3

Code Name
1 Household contains at least one UK Armed Forces Veteran
2 Household contains no UK Armed Forces Veterans
-5 No code required

Source question or variables

Question 26 - Have you previously served in the UK Armed Forces?

  • No
  • Yes, previously served in the Regular Armed Forces
  • Yes, previously served in the Reserve Armed Forces

Reason for asking

During Census 2022 question development, a user need was identified for data on the ex service community in Scotland. This data will be used to commission and deliver appropriate services to meet the needs of this community and monitor the effectiveness of these, as outlined in the Armed Forces Covenant. Specifically data is required to understand employment, education and health outcomes.

England & Wales and Scotland (2011) comparison

The ex-service question was asked for the first time in Scotland's Census 2022 as no such question was asked in Census 2011.

This question is identical to the one asked in England & Wales in 2021.