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Ethnic group of household reference person

  • Mnemonic reference


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  • Type

    Derived variable


The Household Reference Person (HRP) has their ethnic group classified according to their own perceived ethnic group and cultural background.


Total number of categories 20

Code Name
01 White Scottish
02 Other White British
03 White Irish
04 Gypsy/Traveller
05 White Polish
06 Other White
07 Mixed or multiple ethnic group
08 Pakistani, Pakistani Scottish or Pakistani British
09 Indian, Indian Scottish or Indian British
10 Bangladeshi, Bangladeshi Scottish or Bangladeshi British
11 Chinese, Chinese Scottish or Chinese British
12 Other Asian
13 African, African Scottish or African British
14 Other African
15 Caribbean, Caribbean Scottish or Caribbean British
16 Black, Black Scottish or Black British
17 Other Caribbean or Black
18 Arab, Arab Scottish or Arab British
19 Other Ethnic Group
XX No code required - comprises schoolchildren and full-time students living away from home during term time.

Source question or variables

ETHNICID_S (Derived variable)

HRPPUK11 (Derived variable)

SIZHUK11 (Derived variable)

  • Mnemonic reference


  • Applicability

    All occupied household spaces, UK


This derived variable classifies a household according to the ethnic group of the Household Reference Person (HRP).


Total number of categories 0

For codes, see Ethnic group - ETHPUK

Not applicable category comprises: All household spaces with no residents

Code Name