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Client type

  • Applicability

    All occupied communal establishments, UK


This variable records the type of clients of the communal establishment. Respondents are asked to tick all boxes that apply.

It is not used in standard output and is currently held as a compound field consisting of 0s or 1s indicating which of the sixteen tick boxes (fifteen in Scotland) have been ticked.


Total number of categories 16

Code Name
01 Physical disability
02 Learning disability
03 Mental health problems
04 Convalescent or post-operative care
05 Drug/alcohol problems
06 Terminal illness/Respite care
07 Chronic illness care
08 Acute illness care
09 Elderly
10 Students
11 Prisoners/Offenders
12 Nurses
13 Armed forces personnel
14 Homeless
15 Other
16 No usual residents (not Scotland)