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Census Coverage Survey – Stakeholder and Community Awareness Session

About this event

The Census Coverage Survey is the second-largest social research exercise in Scotland after the census, and is a separate survey.

It has been used since 2001 to help estimate how many households and people have not returned a census form, or who have been counted twice. So it is very important because it plays a vital role in providing an accurate estimate of Scotland's population.

The survey started on 13 June and around 1.5% households across Scotland will be asked to take part to help to improve the quality of the census. Those chosen to take part are receiving a hand-delivered letter and then an interviewer will call at their address to fill in the questionnaire with them in person.

Register online now to join our webinar and find out how your communities and councils can help raise awareness and support us! 

Event time and location

Friday 17 June 2022

11.30 am - 12 pm

This is an online webinar. You can find the registration link in the event description.