Census data & practical applications

The presentation below outlines a range of official statistics available from Scottish Government and the results from the 2011 Census in Scotland and was part of the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers Conference in October 2015.

We focused on the Scottish results published through the Census Data Explorer, and used a number of case studies to illustrate how the data can be used to answer specific questions, making links where possible to curricular frameworks for Geography and Numeracy Across Learning. 

The session ended with a discussion on potential use of Census data within Geography National Qualifications.

In the afternoon we took part in the 'Hot Spots' forum  where groups of teachers took part in 10 minute discussion on a range of resources.

The following are the resources we shared at the event:

  1. Presentation slides
  2. Census Data Explorer worksheet
  3. Parliamentary profiles for Scotland 
  4. Datashine Scotland
  5. Scotland’s Population 2014 Infographic report
  6. Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation training material and data
  7. Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2012 - Background Data
  8. SIMD Training Materials for exercises