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Revisions and corrections

We'll publish any revisions or corrections to 2011 census data on this page.

We treat all revisions and corrections in line with the Scottish Government Statistician Group Revisions Policy, which follows the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Revisions and corrections

Distance travelled to work or place of study

28 June 2018

Variable DISTPS11

We found an error in the calculation of grouped distance travelled to work or place of study. This error affected every previously published table of 2011 census data that used this variable.

The error has resulted in a slight positive bias. It led to an undercount of people travelling less than 2km to work or place of study, and an overcount of people travelling distances in all categories of 2km and over.

Grouped distances were calculated using distances rounded to the nearest kilometre. The published figures reflect actual distances as follows:

Published groupings Effective groupings
Less than 2km Less than 1.5km
2km to less than 5km 1.5km to less than 4.5km
5km to less than 10km 4.5km to less than 9.5km
10km to less than 20km 9.5km to less than 19.5km
20km to less than 30km 19.5km to less than 29.5km
30km to less than 40km 29.5km to less than 39.5km
40km to less than 60km 39.5km to less than 59.5km
60km and over 59.5km and over

These groups were not affected by the error:

  • Counts of people who work or study at or mainly from home
  • People in the ‘other’ distance travelled category: people with no fixed place of work or study, who work on an offshore installation, or work or study outside the UK

On October 8, 2018, we republished all tables affected to show corrected counts for the original groupings.

For more information about this correction, contact us.

Tables affected by the error were:

  • DC7102SC
  • LC7102SC
  • QS703SC
  • DC7106SCn
  • DC7402SC
  • LC7402SC
  • DC7404SCn
  • DC7103SC
  • DC7702SC
  • LC7103SC
  • LC7702SC
  • QS704SC
  • DC7701SC
  • LC7701SC
  • DC7608SC
  • LC7608SC

Inhabited Islands analytical report

5 April 2018

A figure in table A2 in the background tables for the Inhabited Islands analytical report has been updated to correct a typographical error. The total for people in Scotland aged 16 to 64 has been amended from 34,887,738 to 3,488,738.

All other figures are unchanged.

Revisions and corrections: 2017

Workplace population tables

13 November 2017

Table WP607SC

Figures for Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands in the category ‘Employers in large organisations, higher managerial and administrative occupations’ in the version of table WP607SC were incorrectly shown as 0.

The correct figures are 167 for Orkney and 216 for Shetland.

All other figures in the table are not affected. This error has been corrected and the table republished.

Daytime population tables

13 November 2017

Tables DT101SCca, DT102SCoa, DT201SCca, DT202SCca, DT603SCca, DT604SCca, DT605SCca and DT701SCca

We have revised these tables, which omitted 12,173 four and five year olds.

We’ve also revised figures in tables DT603SCca and DT604SCca so that the industry/occupation breakdowns relate just to people aged 16 to 74 who were in employment. They previously related to all people aged 16 to 74 by their current or former industry or occupation of employment.

The base population for the method of travel to work or study breakdown in table DT701SCca has been adjusted to people aged 4 and over who were studying or aged 16 to 74 in employment. We did this for consistency with other published tables.

Table AT_099b_2011

15 March 2017

Column labels in this table for ‘EEA migrants: Arrived in the UK 10 years or longer ago’ and ‘Non-EEA migrants: Arrived in the UK within the last 10 years’ were transposed.

We’ve corrected the error and republished a revised version of the table.

Revisions and corrections: 2016

Table AT_004_2011

23 September 2016

We’ve made minor revisions to some figures in this table.

They include:

Identities Original figure Revised figure
Any other combination of UK identities (UK only, excluding Scottish) 104,434 104,434
English and British 66,590 66,626
Northern Irish only 17,243 17,246
Northern Irish and British 8,052 8,055
Welsh only 7,741 7,747
Welsh and British 3,066 3,067
Other combinations 1,742 1,693

Additional and commissioned tables

23 September 2016

We have corrected and republished some minor errors in additional and commissioned tables:

  • AT_099b_2011(updated 20th May 2016) – error in column headings for “Non-EEA Migrants: Arrived in the UK within the last 10 years” and “Non-EEA Migrants: Arrived in the UK 10 years or longer ago”.
  • AT_082a_2011(updated 20th May 2016) – error in subtotal for “Economically inactive” subtotal category.
  • CT_0138_2011(updated 13th June 2016) – Error in column label, changed from “Inactive and Active employed” to “Economically inactive and Economically active employed”
  • CT_0122c_2011(updated 16th August 2016) – Error in the subtotals for “Rest of the world” country of birth category.


Table CT_0041b_2011

10 May 2016

We have made a minor revision to the following age categories in this table:

  • ’65 to 70’ is now ’65 to 69’
  • ’71 to 74’ is now ’70 to 74’

These are now consistent with the related tables CT_0041a_2011 and CT_0041c_2011.

Revisions and corrections: 2015

Gaelic language report: Part 2

10 November 2015

We’ve updated this report, published on 29 October 2015, to correct for some typographical errors. No figures in the text or supporting tables have been revised.

This report has been updated, to correct for some typographical errors in the version published on 29 October 2015. No figures in the text or in the supporting tables have been revised.

Additional tables

23 October 2015

We have corrected some minor errors in additional and commissioned tables.

Migration Matters project (updated 25 June 2015):

  • AT_187a_2011
  • AT_191a_2011
  • AT_192a_2011

Tables on kinship (updated 23 July 2015)

  • AT_194_2011 – error in order of column headings
  • AT_197_2011 – error in order of column headings
  • AT_205_2011 – double-counting of 6 people in ‘Other condition’ category
  • AT_206_2011 – double-counting of 11 people in ‘Other condition’ category

Year last worked (updated 18 August 2015)

  • AT_139_2011 – reclassification of one record
  • AT_147_2011 - reclassification of one record

Origin destination – travel (to place of work or study) (updated 20 October 2015):

The following tables have been renumbered to avoid duplication with the numbering of other tables:

  • AT_291_2011 (previously AT_234_2011)
  • AT_292_2011 (previously AT_235_2011)
  • AT_293_2011 (previously AT_236_2011)

UK Parliamentary Constituency profiles (updated 9 October 2015):

  • The footnote “Excludes full-time students” for the data visualisation on Population in employment by country of birth has been removed - as the underlying data does in fact include full-time students in employment.

All children not living with biological parents living in households by age

16 June 2015

We have removed table AT_182_2011 – All children not living with biological parents living in household by age. The table had an error affecting the number of children estimated to be living without biological parents.

UK Parliamentary Census Profiles

13 March 2015

An error in the UK Parliamentary Constituency profiles, published on 13 March 2015, affected several profiles.

The profiles have now been corrected and republished.

Revisions and corrections: 2014

Coding Specification for Industry

16 October 2014

An error in the coding specifications for industry resulted in a number of people being wrongly coded to ‘Agriculture’ instead of ‘Manufacturing’.

The detailed industry codes affected were as follows.

A. Agriculture, forestry and fishing (grouped with Industry codes B, D, and E in Release 3 tables to produce the ‘A, B, D, E. Agriculture, energy and water’ category):

  • 014 Animal production
  • 016 Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities

C. Manufacturing

  • 1400 Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel (in table QS605SC, this category is included in ‘13-15. Manufacture of textiles, wearing apparel and leather and related products’ within C. Manufacturing).
  • 1600 Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials (in table QS605SC, this category is included in ‘16-17. Manufacture of wood and paper and paper products’ within C. Manufacturing).

All respondents with an industry code ‘1400’ were wrongly allocated a code of ‘014’. All respondents with an industry code ‘1600’ were wrongly allocated to ‘016’.

The estimated impact of this error for A. Agriculture, forestry and fishing is:

  • a reduction of 3,650 for the ‘014’ industry category
  • a reduction of 4,700 for the ‘016’ industry category

The estimated impact of the error for C. Manufacturing is:

  • an increase of 3,650 in the ‘1400’ manufacturing category
  • an increase of 4,700 in the ‘1600’ manufacturing category

On November 6 2014 we amended this error in the following tables and products:

  • Standard tables DC6110SC, DC6111SC, DC6211SC, DC6602SC, DC6604SC, LC6110SC, LC6111SC, LC6118SC, LC6119SC, LC6211SC, LC6602SC, QS605SC, KS605SC, KS606SC, KS6007SC
  • Release 2B statistical bulletin and corresponding industry figures
  • Microdata – the Teaching File (updated on 29 October 2014)
  • National Level Summary Table – Industry (AT_006_2011)
  • Labour Market Area Profile – Industry tab
  • Release 3F – Table LC3206SC

We amended the error in standard tables available for download on November 17 2014.

Release 2C, update, Table QS702SC

22 July 2014

A typing error was amended in the footnote for this table. It should say that the total number of 4 and 5 year olds excluded from the table is 11,867, and not 11,876. We’ve amended the error in this table.

Release 3F bulk

3 July 2014

We have rectified an error in the bulk data for Output Areas.

Release 2A statistical bulletin

15 May 2014

We have updated some of the section on language in the release 2A statistical bulletin, published on 26 September 2013. We did this to clarify the background to the statistics on this topic.

Release 2D statistical bulletin

15 May 2014

We have updated Table 1 – Households by dimensions of deprivation, Scotland, 2011 in the release 2D statistical bulletin, published 9 April 2014.

It now includes an additional row for ‘deprived in health and employment dimensions only’, covering 87,000 households, or 3.7% of all households. All other figures in the table are unchanged.

Country of birth

9 April 2014

A number of tables including information on country at birth incorrectly classified 1,565 people with country of birth coded as Malta or Cyprus.

These people were incorrectly classified as ‘EU countries: member countries in 2001’, and not ‘EU countries: Accession countries April 2001 to March 2011’.

The tables involved were originally published in the following releases:

  • 26 September 2013 - Release 2A - KS204SC, QS203SC, national level summary table on country of birth
  • 27 February 2014 - Release 3A - DC2205SC
  • 19 March 2014 - Release 3B - DC2103SC, DC2207SC, DC2212SC, DC2802SC

No other tables or data are affected. All tables have now been corrected.

Table LC2803SC – Proficiency in English by age of arrival in the UK

9 April 2014

The data explorer version of table LC2803SC incorrectly used a table population base of all people, rather than all people aged 3 and over.

This error has now been corrected.

Revisions and corrections: 2013

National identity

18 December 2013

The figures for ‘Scottish and British identities only’ and ‘British identity only’ were transposed in the national table on national identity in release 2A.

This has been corrected.

Release 2A

14 November 2013

We have amended a few errors in census data release 2A.

In the identity profile, the ‘White – Gypsy/Traveller’ data was incorrectly shown under ‘Other ethnic groups’. We have corrected this by moving the data under the ‘White – Other’ category.

In the ethnicity map, the totals for ‘White: Gypsy/Traveller’ were included in the ‘White: Total’ map, but excluded from the ‘White: Other White’ map. We have amended this by including ‘White/Gypsy Traveller’ percentages in both ‘White: Total’ and ‘White: other white’ maps.

In the national table on country of birth, ‘Antigua and Barbados’ has been amended to ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ in the list of countries.