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Speak Census education materials

Speak Census toolkit

To help support Scotland’s Census 2022 and lessons about it in primary schools, we’ve created Speak Census. It is a collection of educational materials to help inspire children to learn about Scotland’s census. 

You can download our Speak Census toolkit, free of charge, in English or Gaelic to help you run lessons about the census.

Download the English Speak Census toolkit.

Download the Gaelic Speak Census toolkit.

Speak Census video clips

Watch the videos on this page with your class when learning about the census. They each look at projects heavily influenced by census data from 2011, and show how it can add value in different ways. These videos are also available in the Speak Census toolkit.

We suggest you watch them in the order they are listed.

Find out how the census helps design services in your local area.
Find out how census data is used to protect one of Scotland's most well-known natural landscapes, Loch Lomond.
Find out how the census has helped improve services for people who use British Sign Language