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Statistical methodology

  1. Statistical quality assurance

    Processes we use to measure and ensure the quality of our data collection and publishing.

  2. Peer review and governance

    Our 3 layers of review and governance to help us make sure our methodology is sound.

  3. 2022 outputs

    How we'll use latest technology to give people as much access to census data as legally possible.

  4. Capture and coding

    Details of how capture and coding helps us to understand and process census answers in a consistent way.

  5. Data cleansing

    Our process to prepare census information for other statistical processes.

  6. Edit and imputation

    Our processes to iron out inconsistencies and to fill gaps in census data.

  7. Census Coverage Survey

    The survey we run to get an estimate of how many people are missing from the census.

  8. Estimation and adjustment

    How we estimate how many households and people are missing from the census, and adjust the census data to account for them.

  9. Administrative data

    Our plans to use administrative data for quality assurance of the 2022 census.

  10. Statistical disclosure control

    Processes we use to make sure personal information is removed from census data.

  11. Statistical methodology rehearsal

    Reports and outcomes from the 2019 census rehearsal.