This is a new service. Your feedback will help us to improve it.

Management information

Management information tells us how well our systems are working and how people are using them.

We plan to use management information to keep track of how the census is running while it's live in 2022.

We can do this by using the information to measure our key performance indicators. These are targets we have set to show the census is on track to be successful.

The kind of information we will collect may include numbers of:

  • census returns from different parts of Scotland
  • calls to our contact centre
  • households requesting paper questionnaires
  • online and paper census completion

Management information will not include any personal details from census returns or customer contact. We will only use it to help us improve our service.

We collected similar information during our rehearsal in 2019. We are using this experience to help decide:

  • how we want to record management information
  • the best way to analyse and use it
  • who we need to share it with in National Records of Scotland