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Collection approach

Maximising response, publicising the census, and how we'll follow up individuals and households who do not respond.

  1. Promoting Scotland's Census 2022

    Our plans to motivate every household in Scotland to take part in the census.

  2. Address register checking

    We have developed an address register to help us contact households and other addresses during the census.

  3. Contact with households

    We’re taking a digital first approach to collecting household census information in 2022.

  4. Contact with communal establishments

    We have developed an approach for contacting communal establishments.

  5. Questionnaire completion

    Every household in Scotland is required to complete a census questionnaire.

  6. Field work and planning areas

    How we divide Scotland in to field work and planning areas to plan and operate field work.

  7. Following up non-response

    How we’ll contact addresses that do not complete the census and encourage residents to take part.

  8. Management information

    How we will make sure our systems are running during the live collection period in 2022.