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Planning the 2022 census

Find out how we are planning to deliver the census in 2022.

  1. Background

    How we're building on lessons from the last census and working with other UK censuses.

  2. What's new for 2022

    Details of the new questions and new approaches for the census in 2022.

  3. Design

    Question development, the design of the census questionnaire, and our design objectives and principles.

  4. 2022 timeline

    Key milestones on the way to the 2022 census including the rehearsal in 2019.

  5. Statistical methodology

    Processes and methods we use to make sure census data is accurate and complete.

  6. Collection approach

    Maximising response, publicising the census, and how we'll follow up individuals and households who do not respond.

  7. National Statistics Accreditation

    How we work to publish census outputs in line with the UK Statistics Authority's code of practice.

  8. Legislation

    The laws that underpin the 2022 census.

  9. Census programme assurance

    How we give our data users, our suppliers and our delivery partners confidence that we're on track to deliver a successful census.

  10. Procurement

    We have awarded contracts for several parts of our service.