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Update on census data

We use 3 main sources of data to produce high quality census outputs. They are:

• information collected during the main census collect phase
• information collected during the Census Coverage Survey 
administrative data 

Statistical methods

Now the census collect period has closed, we are evolving our statistical methodology for producing census outputs and population estimates.

Our original methodology was designed to do this from a census return rate of around 94% nationally and 85% in each Council Area.

The updated methodology will include making greater use of administrative data.

This will allow us to provide high quality estimates for the whole of Scotland’s population from a slightly lower census return rate.

Quality assurance

We apply a number of quality checks to census data when we process it.

Some additional quality checks may be needed as we expand our use of administrative data

We will continue adapt our quality assurance processes as we update our methodology.

Read more about how we are updating our methodology and quality assurance checks.

Census outputs and population estimates

Our updated statistical methods and quality assurance will deliver high quality population estimates and census outputs.

Read more about our plans for census outputs