**This information has been copied across from the SCROL website and some of it may be out-of-date. This will be updated in due course**


This section contains descriptions of the variables used in the 2001 Census by topic. For each variable within each topic, a full output classification together with a list of the tables in which the variables appear is provided. Where appropriate an image of the relevant question on the Scottish census form is also provided.

The topics are;

Communal Establishment





Household Accommodation and Dwelling

Labour Market

Socio-Economic Classification


The programme for selecting topics and developing questions for the 2001 Census has been co-ordinated between the Office for National Statistics (England and Wales), the General Register Office for Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. Consideration was given to the public acceptability of topics, whether the questions could provide good quality data, the availability of alternative sources and the burden on the public. The final content balances essential needs with what it is reasonable to ask the public.

Whilst the objective has been to ask the same questions across the United Kingdom, there are a number of differences resulting from the need to cater for specific customer requirements. These differences have an effect on the classifications and outputs available for each part of the UK.