Outputs Prospectus

The prospectus presents plans for the release of Scotland's 2011 Census results. It describes what results are included within each of the releases and sets out indicative timings for future releases.

The prospectus is divided into the following three main areas:

1. Release plans for Scotland's Census results.

2. About Scotland's Census, methods and reference material.

3. Censuses across the UK

The latest version of the outputs prospectus (April 2014) is now available:

Outputs Prospectus - April 2014 (PDF 369 Kb)

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Release 3 schedule and table layouts

The latest schedule of and table layouts for Release 3 are now available (Excel 4543 Kb).

Please note, all layouts for tables yet to be released are subject to change based on our ongoing quality assurance and disclosure control processes.

The workbook above includes a worksheet titled 'Version control' which is used to note the current version and detail any changes between versions. Should you have any queries or wish to highlight any issues, please email us: 2011comms@gro-scotland.gsi.gov.uk