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Data Warehouse

What is the Data Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse is provided for users who want to download large amounts of census data. It contains all published Standard Outputs in csv format. For information on which tables are included in each release, download the Census Tables Index 2011 (Excel, 117 Kb).

Two options are provided for downloading data:

  • the "Standard" option provides all tables in csv format with textual descriptions of each geography (e.g Aberdeen City)
  • the "Bulk" option provides all tables in csv format with geographic areas identified by a unique 'S number' (e.g S12000033 which relates to Aberdeen City)

Both options contain a series of geography specific folders (e.g Council Areas) containing csv data files specific to that level of geography and a look up file that provides a list of full table numbers and titles for each release.

The 2011 Census Index provides a lookup for users to access and cross-match textual descriptions of each geography against the unique S numbers. For more information, please contact us at

In order to protect against disclosure of personal information, some records have been swapped between different geographic areas. Some table values will be affected, particularly small values at the most detailed geographies.

All statistics are available under the Open Government Licence.

8 January 2015 - Update

Please note you can only download one file at a time.

17 November 2014 - Update on Coding Specification for Industry

The tables affected by the error notified on 16 October 2014 have been corrected and are now available again.

16 October 2014 – Error in the Coding Specification for Industry

An error has been discovered in the coding specifications for Industry, for this reason Table ‘DC6216SC Industry by ethnic group by sex’ has been removed from Release 3J. Various previously published tables and products are also affected by this.

In short, the affected Standard Tables (and related release/ bulk download files) are:

Table No Release/ bulk download file affected
DC6110SC 3H
DC6111SC 3I
DC6211SC 3I
DC6602SC 3H
DC6604SC 3H
LC6110SC 3H
LC6111SC 3I
LC6118SC 3H
LC6119SC 3I
LC6211SC 3I
LC6602SC 3H
QS605SC 2B
KS605SC 2B
KS606SC 2B
KS607SC 2B

Further information is available from the Revisions and Corrections page.

16 October 2014 – Release 3H, update

An error has been identified in

Release 3H, the original bulk download file had an empty file for LC6605SC, this has now been amended. If you had an issue with previous down loads of R3H you can now access the updated files from the Data Warehouse.

24 July 2014 - Release 3A-F, update

A new format for the bulk data is now available for all release 3 tables. The new format displays data at one geography per row.

22 July 2014 – Release 2C, update, Table QS702SC

A typing error has been identified in the footnote for this table: it should say that the total number of 4 and 5 year olds excluded from the table is 11,867 (and not 11,876).  This error has now been rectified in the Census Data Explorer, both in the tables available through the Standard Outputs page and also through the Data Warehouse.

3 July 2014 - Release 3F bulk

An error was found in the bulk data for Output Areas on 1 July. This has now been rectified and is available at "Release 3f (bulk)".

1 July 2014 - Release 3F bulk

Please note this file is temporarily unavailable. If you have any question please email us:

25 June 2014 - Release 3F, update

A new format for the bulk data we provide was introduced for Release 3E. For Release 3F, bulk data will be provided in this format for all geographies except Output Areas. As we appreciate this may cause some issues for customers, we have made the older version of bulk data (with geographies on individual lines) available for this one release. This is available at all levels of geography and is available here. (54455 Kb ZIP)

We will provide the remaining new bulk version Output Area files for Release 3F as soon as possible.

12 June 2014 - Release 3E, update

We previously flagged that Table LC1104SC was not available in the bulk data format at Output Area level. This has now been resolved and the table is available alongside other tables in the Release 3E bulk download.

4 June 2014 - Release 3E - new format of bulk data

Following discussion and feedback from our bulk data users*, we have amended the format of our bulk data files. From Release 3E (4 June 2014), these files will be provided in files with all data presented at one geography per row.

In addition, we can confirm that we intend reformatting the bulk data version of Releases 3A-3D. We will update on this as soon as possible.

Should you have any queries or comments (*or if wish to be added to the bulk data user mailing list), please email us: