Future Outputs

The 'standard output' releases of census data have now been completed, however a range of other products from Scotland's Census 2011 are still scheduled for publication. The Outputs Prospectus - 2015 (PDF 431 Kb) presents outline plans for the release and publication of further products from Scotland's 2011 Census, it includes indicative timings for future releases. Information on planned future publications can also be seen below.

Future Census Publications

The table below gives the most up to date information on dates of forthcoming census publications.

Other Census Products

Planned Release

Microdata: Secure/Virtual Microdata Laboratory (VML) files, Safeguarded files

August/September 2015

Alternative population bases: Workplace, Daytime

August/September 2015

 Origin Destination statistics: Travel to study flow statistics

September 2015

Analytical Reports

Planned Release

Household Topics

August 2015
 Inhabited Islands September 2015

Gaelic Language

September 2015

Commissioned Outputs

Now that publication of the 'standard outputs' has been completed, we are working through the requests received for commissioned outputs. For further information on submitting a request, visit the Commissioned Outputs page.