Census Results

How can I access or download the results?

All standard census tables are available via the Census Data Explorer. The Census Data Explorer provides information through four main methods:

Area Profiles

Here you can view a snapshot of census results for a particular region, and can compare up to three regions at once.

Maps and Charts

Here you can view interactive visual representations of census data.

Standard Outputs

Here you can access and explore each of the 'standard' tables at a wide range of geographies, from national level right down to local level.

Data Warehouse

Here you can bulk-download all the published tables for all geographies in 'csv' format.

In addition to the standard census tables, a variety of 'additional' and 'commissioned' tables can also be accessed and downloaded through the Data Warehouse.

Information on other census products can be seen on the Origin Destination Statistics, Microdata, and Analytical Reports pages.

How can I find out what data is available?

Please use our tables index to find out what 'standard', 'additional' and 'commissioned' tables have been published:

Scotland's Census Tables Index (Excel, 150KB)

If the table you want isn't available you can submit a request, visit the Commissioned Outputs page for more information.

What else is planned for Scotland's Census?

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